Views from the plane: the equator

I came across Keith from Velvet Escape’s blog after he wrote up his recent TwiTrip to my hometown of Birmingham. On there he has a running series of plane views, where he and guest bloggers post pictures from their flights and give tips of where to sit.

Well, I’m not sure I can do that but I did remember I had some shots of some equatorial islands from my Singapore to Jakarta (or was it Melbourne?) flight in 1999. Oh and I was sitting on the right side of the plane.

Not sure where these islands are exactly, possibly they’re Indonesian islands just south of Singapore, but the pictures are pretty so I thought I’d share them, direct from the old-skool photo album. I think the rainbow effect is from the position of the sun over the water. I think.

There’s a number of groups on Flickr that publish more of these photos, btw, for example:

Equator from plane, SE Asia

Equator from plane, SE Asia

Equator from plane, SE Asia


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