Ok, so exactly what is a tourist and what is a traveller?

It had to be done. People are searching for the answer to this question and finding this blog, naturally enough. So feel free to post your definitions. Because I’m not sure I know what the difference is. Budget, attitude, destination, length of holiday, courage, individuality, all of the above, none of the above?

Answers on a postcard… or even below. As you wish.

Oh yes, and here’s explorer Benedict Allen’s take on it when I asked him at a talk recently – it’s all about the note-taking and recording it for others.

Egypt tourist

A great pic from David Evers/Flickr


4 responses to “Ok, so exactly what is a tourist and what is a traveller?

  1. How about – A traveller makes a personal journey and a tourist remains unchanged bar suntan factor? I know it’s simplistic, but if I want a rest, I bum out on a beach or by the pool and, apart from visiting local towns out of curiosity, I get little insight into the livf, history or culture of the place. So I feel refreshed from my beach holiday, but son’t feel changed by it. And that’s fine because that’s what I planned as a tourist.
    As a traveller visiting the same place, I may even stop at the same hotel, but I want to get out and about within the local community in some way to feel their lives and change my own in some way.
    So is it perhaps that a tourist focuses on themselves and a traveller focuses on others?

  2. Both tourists and travellers are labels. The human need to classify and make judgements.

  3. Liked this one from @EverywhereTrip on Twitter:

    A travel is what you think you are, a tourist is what locals think you are 🙂

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