Unexpected Paris in 21 pictures

After shunting Paris out of the limelight in my last post, I’m now driven to post some of the less obvious pictures of the city to rebalance the universe. This ‘surprise’ selection is all taken from my trip there in April 2010.

1. Walking through walls
Marcel Aymé and tent

2. Giant bicycle
Giant bicycle wheel

3. Urban cows
Urban cows in Paris

4. Bloody face
Passage des Abbess

5. La chaise (geddit?)
Pere Lachaise

6. Surprise bear
Bear in Paris

7. Mushroom chimneys
Paris chimneys

8. Copper Metro
Arts Et Metiers seats in wood

9. Photographic grave
Montparnasse Cemetery 9

10. Pavement art by Louis Trondheim
Louis Trondheim bunneh!

11. Giant mirrorball

12. Verdigris body
Montmartre Cemetery

13. Bonus cemetery cat
Bonus cat

14. Tutankhamun
Tutankhamun busker

15. Sunny yellow seats
Seats in yellow

16. Mosaic grafitti artist
Mosaic art

17. Parc de la Villette folly
Parc de la Villette folly

18. The kiss
Paris in love

19. Optical lines
Videodrome 27

20. I spy
Paris Metro 5

21. Van-dal?
Van art


2 responses to “Unexpected Paris in 21 pictures

  1. http://westfingers.wordpress.com/ I like the job you’re doing!Here are some of my works:D

  2. I went to Paris in August and saw the Tutankhamun girl arrive and get her outfit out of her little bag, then set up her ‘show’ close to the Seine. Also I took a few photos of the Space Invader graffiti artist dotted around town. These photos are on my wavelength. I remember being impressed with the metallic Arts & Metier station too. Yeah Paris has wackyness and coolness in equal measures.