Squids doughnut, om nom nom

A lovely awkward translation this. On the English menu in a Collioure restaurant yesterday was ‘Squids doughnut’. We had to ask for the French menu to discover this was, in fact, calamari. One for your future reference.

Travel details: our journey to Toulouse and beyond was part-sponsored by Bmibaby.com. More posts here.


4 responses to “Squids doughnut, om nom nom

  1. There’s a balkan brass band up here in Scotland called Moshie’s Bagel. Squids Doughnut could be another great name for a band. I’m liking this blog a lot so far, tweeting about it etc, how can I get involved?

  2. Thankyou Jools. And especially for the sentence: ‘There’s a balkan brass band up here in Scotland called Moshie’s Bagel.’

    How can you help? Um… Got any connections for a London-Istanbul train trip? 😉

  3. Hi Fiona, funny you should mention that, planning my own trip (from Edinburgh) just now, see:
    Great site that. You can even add yr own theme music and pick imaginary travel buddies!
    Further reading material: Paul Theroux for inspiration, Man in Seat 61 for logistics, plus moi au naturalement! 😉

  4. Like the soundtrack. 🙂