The life of a surf photographer in 6 mins

A few days ago I was impressed by Joshy Washington’s list of favourite travel-related videos of 2010. But then I spotted this little beauty.

Astray Films’ short story about Mickey Smith, a surfer who photographs his world, is pretty awesome (in the genuine sense of the word) and is now kicking off my own list of videos to admire and be inspired by.

‘Dark Side of the Lens’ has a poetic narrative, amazing pictures and makes me want to do way something more interesting instead. I also like the way it is quite journalistic, thanks to Astray Films involvement, perhaps. It picks a single subject and explores it from many different angles in order to try to understand it – and I think it works really well here. Less is more. Perfect.

Or, as one comment says: ‘Fucking WOW!’

Go watch it.


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