The most amazing video you will ever see about Birmingham

This appears to have gone out on Sky 3, I’m not sure when, but is Pure Fried Comedy Gold.

Someone in my Twitterstream pointed it out a while ago but their video link seems to have been removed, so catch this one while you still can – it’s the only one I could find.

It features an amazing but quite scary cast of regulars of The Sportsman pub in Brum as they expound on their favourite pub subjects of cider, eating rabbits and lightbulbs, and falling off a bridge onto a railway and into the path of TWO trains.

You’ll have to watch it to get the visual punchline to the story.

Tourism slogan: “Visit Brum – if you think you’re hard enough.”



3 responses to “The most amazing video you will ever see about Birmingham

  1. It’s from a series called “Britain’s Hardest Pubs” and should be taken in that context. I find it a bit “let’s all sneer at the poor” tbh.

  2. Thanks for the context – I thought there was a chance it was made up.

  3. I have actually been in his pub. It was part of a pub crawl in March 2005. We also sampled the delights of the nearby Foaming Tankard. One of our crowd comp[lained about the ale, and we told him to shut the f*ck up, or we feard we would not get out alive. Some geezer fell asleep upright at the bar, and anoter guy wanted to try on my mates glasses. I vaguly remembe the cider, but plumped for guiness.