31 Destinations in Time #6: Slovenia, 2008

Bled lake, Slovenia
I celebrated my 40th birthday here with an incredible night-time snow-shoe walk in the mountains, setting out at sunset from the Julian Alps highest pass and wandering around with just the moon to light the way. Nearby Bled is like fairytale princess land with a castle perched on a clifftop and an island in the middle of a lake. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are swan boats and dancing princesses after midnight.

As an extra birthday treat, we travelled from the UK to Slovenia and back by train – I hate flying – with a few hours lookaround time each in Paris, Venice, Ljubliana and Munich. It took about a day and a half each way and cost about three times as much as a cheapie flight but it was a brilliant, scenic and unstressful way to travel.

Lake Bled image: James Southorn/Flickr.


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