How to make ANY editor like your work

Just came across a post called How to make travel editors like your blog – which talks about their ‘OCD nature’ in looking for good voice, tight production skills, social media presence and community engagement, tech know-how and broad range of material.

As a web editor (non-travel), I couldn’t agree more. Their list of wants are true across any subject where people want to write professionally (and when I say write, that is just shorthand for all content: video, photos, audio, etc).

I’ve had a number of professional writers approach me for online work but when I go to look them up they’re not just not active online and don’t have a blog or anywhere else I can see their writing. Whereas that one person who has a regularly tended blog with interesting content and links to other online presences tells me that they ‘get it’ and this fact alone is far more likely to get them hired.

We’re living in a ‘show don’t tell’ world.

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