31 Destinations in Time #12: Brighton mod bank holiday weekender 2011

Just back from the Brighton New Untouchables mod bank holiday weekender. Here’s a little video post featuring some Northern soul floor-shaking and fancy dancework at Komedia.

I also grabbed some nice shots of a flock of seagulls as they hovered on the gusting winds. Here’s my favourite:


This strange little boy also adopted me on the beach and either copied whatever I did or just sat by my side and hung out – for an hour. Here he is making the seagulls fly.


The colour of the sea was the best I’ve ever seen it in Brighton, from this deep aquamarine by Brighton Pier…


…to this misty silver looking to the ruins of the West Pier:


And the sound of the waves churning over the pebbles is awesome.

A gorgeous sunny weekend escape straight into the top 31.


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