How Grenadian rum is made (and drunk) – in pictures

Yesterday we visited the River Antoine Rum Distillery, which was established in 1783 and is the oldest rum distillery in the western hemisphere. It still uses all the traditional methods of rum-making, including: macheting the long stalks of raw sugar cane, feeding it by hand through a water-propelled grinder, shovelling the leftover bagasse to fuel the boilers that heat the juice, fermenting for eight days exactly and then distilling once it reaches 75% proof.

The result is the eye-popping Rivers Rum, which Grenadians imbibe by taking a sip and then adding in a sloosh of water before sending it down the hatch. Make sure you eat first – your stomach will need some lining.

The distillery produces 700 bottles a week and mostly the brew stays in the country. Grenadians like their rum.

The guided tours cost US $2 per person and are well worth the price.

More pics of the River Antoine Rum Distillery are here.

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