A mountain refuge in the Cantal

It took about an hour to walk up to Meije Coste – one of Cantal’s small, old mountain refuges at 1440m up, near Le Lorian and with views over the Plomb du Cantal highest peak.

I ran low on battery and was huffing and puffing with the effort so I ended up taking stills (more pics below) – but you get the idea of the beautiful natural surroundings.

Bernard Mommalier (pictured below) runs the hut and is also a guide. He leads snowshoeing, hiking and donkey treks. You can also stop overnight and cook at the hut. Or arrange the food through Bernard.

Website: Buron de Meije Coste

Trip notes:

• A stew was cooking on the stove. Meanwhile, Bernard had prepared some ‘Pachade’ for us to eat and refuel This comprised two thick crepes sandwiched together and filled a blackcurrant jam with sugar sprinkled on top. Tasty stodge.

• There is a 15-person dorm at the back for walkers.

• A guest book comment reads: “It is a place to discover a love of the mountains.” – Guy & family, Australia.

• The price of a snowshoeing weekend based from here is 150 euros (one night) or 200 euros (two nights) including accommodation, guide, snowshoe hire and food. Book through Bernard at the website.

• You can also cross-ski or mountain ski (randonee) from here but as Bernard says: “It is like Scotland” – not just in terms of Highland-like scenery but for the weather – with unpredictable snowfall, very cold and lots of ice.

• The sign outside the hut ‘In truffade we believe’ is a local rival adaptation of ‘In tartiflette we trust’ – which is a ski slogan found on bumper stickers, clothes and other merch.


Le Lorian and hike-4

Le Lorian and hike-7

Le Lorian and hike-14

Le Lorian and hike-13

Le Lorian and hike-11


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