Fell in love with a dog at La Roussiere

 Cantal various-42

La Roussiere is a luxury chambres d’hôte B&B in the Siniq valley in the Cantal. It is ranked top of TripAdvisor for B&Bs/Inns in St Clement.

Christian, the owner, had just taken us on a walk to the Capat waterfall…

Cantal various-22

…and we were warming up with tea and cake in the main room. The place was gorgeous.

 Cantal various-34

But the top attraction for me was Aesop the dog and Pline the cat. I took pics until my battery ran out. Aesop in particular is a born model and seems to know when her picture is being taken, honing the pose to perfection and staying perfectly still. Pline, on the other hand, is so black, she confused the white balance on the camera.

Best of all because La Roussiere is mostly stone walls, tile floors and wooden staricase, so I wasn’t particularly allergic to the animals.

Some pictures!

 Cantal various-24

 Cantal various-40

 Cantal various-39

 Cantal various-44

 Cantal various-43

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 Cantal various-37

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Website: La Roussiere


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