Best thing about Brussels #3: Feeling like a traveller


Brussels is a great city for travellers and Paris is a great city for tourists – as announced subjectively by me in a previous post). The bottom line is that Brussels, like my home town of Birmingham, takes some work to fully appreciate.

In which case, it is useful to have a local guide. I recommend Spotted by Locals: Brussels – this site pointed out some quirky or less usual places that seemed to suit our style more than the official Brussels tourism site. Here are three of the tips we followed, with the Spotted By Locals links for details and location maps.

1. Parking 58 – a central car park with great free views from the top floor


2. Matongé – colourful African district near Naamse Poort


3. Mr Falafel – tasty falafel/salad for four euros on Lemonnierlaan


That’s the last of my Brussels blogging. And not a moules frites dinner in sight. Enjoy your visit.


4 responses to “Best thing about Brussels #3: Feeling like a traveller

  1. Multi-story car parks and falafel. Two of my favourite things!

    So would you say Brussels is the Birmingham of Europe?

  2. Multi-storey car parks are great aren’t they!

    No, but Birmingham is the Brussels of the West Midlands – if that helps.

  3. Multi-storey car parks – wrong, on so many levels.

  4. Oh Chris, you are so very funny with your “levels” pun.