Travels around my garden

What do you take holiday photos of? And can that be applied to your own backyard? Well let’s see. In a new destination, seeing it with Alice-in-Wonderland eyes, I take photos of:

The main attractions


Extraordinary sights

Giant foxglove

There is usually a local cute animal…

Flowers and kittens-10

Wildlife safari (or bug freakout moment)

Slugs & snails-8

Frog and slug

Hoverfly mid-hover

Local colour

Oriental poppy

Ladybird in jasmine

Flowers and kittens-15


Exotic dishes

Slugs & snails & bugs-12

Squirrel raid in the snow-3

Sunset shots

Evening primrose


Spring 2010 -25


Spring 2010 -19


Spring 2010 -2

Blue skies

Flowers and kittens-3

Hammock shot



Spring 2010 -27

Bonfire of the conifers-1

Obligatory landscape shots

Blizzard conditions in the garden

Tropical paradise...

Ok, so this was just an excuse to document the garden. Recording stuff is important – explorer Benedict Allen says so. In fact he says it’s the note-taking that maketh the traveller not the tourist.

So there.

Also inspired by the ‘travels around my living room’ reference that I can’t quite recall, if anyone can supply the source?


2 responses to “Travels around my garden

  1. Chris Seymour-Smith

    Love the Booze photo anomaly

  2. Found the reference! it’s from someone else who’s written an inspiring post about looking at your garden in micro-detail:

    “Like the French soldier and writer Xavier de Maistre, who, in 1794, wrote the quirkily charming Voyage autour de ma chambre (Voyage around my bedroom) in which he explored the confines of his own room then wrote about it as if it were a great travel epic, we too can become strangers in a familiar land.”

    Go read this: