After the rain at Swallow Falls

Swallow Falls 3

In a country with as much rain as Wales – Snowdonia is the wettest area with average annual totals exceeding 3000 mm, according to the Met Office) – you may as well make the most of a downpour. On our rainy holiday there last week, we detoured down the Llanberis Pass to visit the abundant Swallow Falls, near Betws y Coed. It was in full eddying, thrumming, spraying glory following the rain, as you can see in the video below. Marvellous!


6 responses to “After the rain at Swallow Falls

  1. Jooi: I’m old skool and 3000mm is that like three metres (ten feet) of rain ??

  2. Betws y Coed, Cuh – brings back memories: I had a very brief, and oddly erotic moment in BYC way back in 1972. I’ve been thinking about going over to Llanberis to re-climb the Flying Buttress – done on the same ’72 trip

  3. “Oddly erotic moment” – were you alone Ray? ha ha.

    PS. It’s three metres. Gone metric now you know.

  4. I’m not gonna answer that q). LOL.

  5. I climbed up Swallow Falls once on a school field trip when it was less abundant. That was when it was fine for them to leave their charges to please themselves doing something reckless while the teachers had a cheeky pint and a fag in a nearby pub.
    Never did us any harm..etc…etc

  6. You’re lucky to be alive, man!