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Where travel and corruption go hand in hand…

Prague and Vienna may not be the first places that spring to mind when you think of corruption but a tour company exhibiting at the 2012 World Travel Market (WTM) is putting them on the map with ‘point the finger’ tourism. Scroll down for tour details and prices.

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La Gomera after the fire…

… is still very beautiful despite the devastating fires of August 2012. More blogging to come but here are some hopefully surprising shots of La Gomera, one of the more unusual and less-visited Canary Island. They show that La Gomera is still very much open for business. (Click on each pic to pull up the locations. More/better pics from Pete Ashton aare going up by degrees on Flickr.)

San Sebastian housing

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Invest in an expedition, art and travel journalism

Jason Florio

Flo! © Jason Florio

I met Jason Florio (‘Flo’) on a trip to The Gambia in 2007, while covering an eco tourism story for the Independent on Sunday.

He was a freelance photojournalist with a ‘boy’s own’ adventure of a life that involved being paid to travel, photograph and document human interest stories, anywhere from Afghanistan to Libya, India to Cuba. Continue reading

Happy isthmus

Llandudno and Snowdonia

Did you know the UK has seven isthmuses – narrow strips of land connecting two larger masses of land? Llandudno in North Wales just about qualifies. It sits on a strip between Little Orme and Great Orme, with the Irish Sea on both sides. We stayed on Gloddaeth St, just seen in the photo above, where you can just about see both horizons and easily walk to both shores. On the north beach, there’s a view out to Llandudno Bay; on the west, the mountains of Snowdonia and a rather nice sunset spot.

Q. Where do travel writers go on holiday?

A. Far from the madding crowd but not exhausting long haul. I’m in the process of putting together a trip to this awesome-looking island. Ten points if you can name it (clue below).

Satellite view of a rugges island

Clue: it is the choice of hikers and many a New Age German but not too far from a major package holiday destination for the Brits. And that green bit in the middle? It’s a rainforest. Answers on a postcard (or in comments)…

Neon in the rain

Piccadilly Circus lights

Tip: If you ever find yourself at Piccadilly Circus (or Times Square, or any other neon-lit traffic interchange) in the rain, look down – it’s lovely! Continue reading

Best thing about Brussels #2: The Atomium


Surely Brussels’ Atomium is on a list somewhere of the world’s top 10 most astonishing buildings. Hand-riveted bolt by bolt in the 1950s into the shape of a 102-metre-high iron molecule, this is a building that only a photo can do it justice. So here’s a couple more…
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