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105 tourism slogans from around the world #WTM12

Country slogans and tourism taglines – how can they say so very little and yet sometimes so much? I’ve posted my bemusement with these fascinating little one-liners that marketers use to ‘sell’ or position a destination before (after snapping 44 slogans at the 2009 World Travel Market).

This year, I decided it was time for an update. So here, after wandering the vast length and breadth of WTM 2012, are 105 slogans, 26 country logos (or fonts) and 7 regional taglines collected at the World Travel Market 2012. Slideshow above, text below. I’ve bolded up the ones I like. Enjoy! Continue reading


Mexico, mariachi and massive hats

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Israeli hang drum music at WTM 2012

Djembe and hang drum sounding lovely on the Israel stand at the World Travel Market 2012.

More WTM 2012 music and dance acts: Music and dance from around the World Travel Market


Folk music and dance from Kazakhstan

One of the things I like about going to World Travel Market is the number of random acts of music, dance and giant ‘It’s a knockout’ style beasties wandering the inter-continental aisles. Here’s what Kazakhstan had going on…

More WTM 2012 music and dance acts: Music and dance from around the World Travel Market

Where travel and corruption go hand in hand…

Prague and Vienna may not be the first places that spring to mind when you think of corruption but a tour company exhibiting at the 2012 World Travel Market (WTM) is putting them on the map with ‘point the finger’ tourism. Scroll down for tour details and prices.

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Tram 94, Brussels

One of the things that makes me feel more of a traveller and less of a tourist is getting to grips with local public transport. It beats resorting to costly cabs or, at the other extreme, getting tired from endless walking. So here is just a little lo-fi video of what it’s like to ride the Brussels tram, from Louise to Stade (near the Atomium). Our ride on tram line 94 took about an hour, with plenty of sights at the start before it headed into the suburbs (equally fascinating in their own way).

How to get a ticket
You can either buy a Brussels Card, which gives free transport and lots of tourism discounts for the validity of the card. Or various travel cards and single tickets are available at main stations; there are also individual ticket machines at tram stops. With all of these you have to validate your ticket when you board or enter the transport system.

BBQ duck in a hut

Grilled in a Finnish kota or wooden hut with a central barbecue. Filmed at Camping des Blats in Cantal, France (more on which below). Continue reading