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On pareidolia alert in the South of France

Today’s main activity involved lying flat on my back on several beaches in the South of France and seeing shapes formed in the clouds – aka pareidolia (my new word for today).

So can you tell what it is yet? Three clouds, three guesses…





1. Tenuous turtle (it was better 1 min previously, honest.)

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2. This way.

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3. Ribcage?

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Ok, ok, so here are some better examples of pareidolia, or creepy clouds

Travel details: this journey to Toulouse and beyond was part-sponsored by Bmibaby.com. More posts here.


Life’s a beach – except for gingers

Beach day -3

Blue sky, sunshine and a temperature that is perfecto for gingers like me (average 24 degrees), meant today had to be a BEACH DAY! Better yet, the beaches were near empty. I love it how off-season for other people is when I can go outside and actually sunbathe. June-August is often a frightful bore for the fair-skinned, but the cusp of autumn/winter is just right for old Goldilocks here.

It’s given me the idea for a series of features based on The Ginger Calendar – where is good to go, with temperatures in the early 20s for most of the day and with a sea that isn’t too chilly? Please feel free to post your suggestions/experiences below.

Personally, I think it’s very easy to get wrong and have felt quite restricted on some trips abroad. For example, I once went to the Greek Islands in June and couldn’t go to the beach until 5pm when the sun finally turned the heat down. In reaction, I then made the mistake of going in October, when the beach was only warm enough from 11am-3pm and the sun set at 6ish.

Although the shops at many resorts were mostly closed, let me recommend the South of France in late September, early October. Today we took a picnic to Leucate (pictured) then went for a snooze on Le Racou beach in the far South-west of France, just a hour or two from the Spanish border, and it was lovely. The water could have been warmer and the waves slightly calmer, but the sun strength was just about right. One or two applications of Factor 50 and no frying skin.


Travel details: this journey to Toulouse and beyond was part-sponsored by Bmibaby.com. More posts here.