Around the world in 44 tourism slogans

Earlier I posted my bemusement about tourism taglines. There is probably some kind of data curve to measure the success of these. But after overdosing on one after the other at World Travel Market at London’s Excel recently, I have a few thoughts.

First of all, here’s the slideshow of WTM taglines: ‘Around the world in 44 marketing slogans’. UPDATE: I returned to WTM in November 2012 and collected 105 tourism slogans from around the world #WTM12 – though this post is probably a better read!

You can also see/download the individual pictures from my WTM Flickr set (non-commercial Creative Commons license).

And here’s my earlier post on tourism taglines being the emperor’s new clothes in a web 2.0 world.

If you can’t be bothered looking through the images, here’s the breakdown on the great and the good, the incomprehensible and the forgettable – the full list follows at the end.

The ‘no idea what that tourism slogan means’ section

Certain countries were adept at being vague as a means to sell their destination:
Anguilla Feeling is Believing
Florida Keys Come As You Are
Hungary A Love for Life
Taiwan Touch Your Heart

My favourite though was ‘Indonesia: Admit It You Love It’. Luckily I do love Indonesia and happily admit it, but what does this mean? I quite liked its ‘Unity in Diversity’ slogan a couple of years back – which sums up Indonesia’s 17,000 islands but perhaps doesn’t sound particularly attractive to a tourist. As the Jakarta Post reports, it doesn’t have a great track record in coming up with the marketing goods. In 2008 it was also ridiculed for getting its grammatical knickers in a twist with ‘Celebrating 100 Years of Nation’s Awakening’. Still, don’t let the terrible taglines put you off – Indonesia is an amazing country to visit.

One-word wonders
These countires tried to encapsulate their country in a single word – or in Malaysia’s case, a number (one, obviously!):
Brazil Sensational!
Incredible India
Cool Japan
WOW Philippines
Uniquely Singapore
Amazing Thailand
1 Malaysia

My personal favourite in this section is: ‘El Salvador Impressive!’

El Salvador Impressive!

Double headers
With all the main superlatives gone, Italy and Germany both went for two-word slogans – neither particularly enticing, though affordable may successfully tap into the economic downturn affecting the travel industry:

Italy Much More
Germany Affordable Hospitality

Mother nature sells herself
The most successful slogans are often ones that evoke the place in some way. Countries blessed by mother nature seemed to have the easiest sell.
Montenegro Wild Beauty
New Zealand 100% Pure
Switzerland Get Natural
Belize Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret

Come here!
Then there are the literal commands to visit – no inducement given:
Visit Florida
Discover Peru

Do these actually work? At least ‘discover’ hints at hidden depths, but ‘visit’, come on Florida, that’s just plain lazy.

Neighbouring factions
There seemed to be some competition between neighbouring countries also:

Albania A New Mediterranean
Croatia The Mediterranean As it Once Was

Namibia Land of Contrasts
Tanzania Land of Kilimanjaro Zanzibar and the Serengeti

Finding the pun within
Being a sub-editor, I respond to a good pun or wordplay – and successful slogans are often annoyingly memorable in this way. Personal favourites here included Jamaica’s mysterious rhyme of  ‘Once You Go, You Know’. Know what exactly? I don’t know but I’m fairly sure it’s hot, happy and hedonistic.

And full marks to Slovenia, for finding the love within and being the only one to evoke Donna Summer’s disco classic in ‘I feel sLOVEnia’. Surely there are more here: for the smut factor, have a play with Aruba, Virginia and Malaysia.

Slovenia I feel love

Tips for a good tourism slogan

In light of the amount for knocking that tourist boards get for their marketing slogan attempts, if you’re a destination marketer, then maybe check out this How Stuff Works post on How ad slogans work before you shell out a fortune on rebranding.

The full list
Here’s the full list – of the slogans I managed to snap anyway (feel free to add more in the comments). And if it all gets too much to bear, I promise a very enticing tourism slogan awaits right at the bottom:

Albania A New Mediterranean
Anguilla Feeling is Believing
Aruba One Happy Island
Belize Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret
Brazil Sensational!
California Find Yourself Here
Canada Keep Exploring
Croatia The Mediterranean As it Once Was
Ecuador Life at its Purest
Viva Cuba
Egypt Where It All Begins
El Salvador Impressive!
Visit Finland Breathe
Visit Florida
Florida Keys Come As You Are
France Rendez-Vouse En France
Germany Affordable Hospitality
Grenada Rhythms of Spice
Hong Kong Best Place Best Taste
Hungary A Love for Life
I heart New York
Incredible India
Indonesia Admit It You Love It
Italy Much More
Jamaica Once You Go, You Know
Cool Japan
See the world. Visit London
1 Malaysia
Maldives Sunny Side of Life
Montenegro Wild Beauty
Namibia Land of Contrasts
New Zealand 100% Pure
Romania Land of Choice
Discover Peru
WOW Philippines
Uniquely Singapore
Slovakia Little Big Country
Slovenia I Feel Love
Smile! You are in Spain
Switzerland Get Natural
Taiwan Touch Your Heart
Tanzania Land of Kilimanjaro Zanzibar and the Serengeti
Texas (visual representation of ‘Everything’s bigger in Texas’ – I think)
Amazing Thailand

And the funniest tourism-related ad slogan I came across in the course of this research? Here it is courtesy of St Johns Hotel in Solihull…

St Johns Hotel: sleep with us – you won’t regret it!

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38 responses to “Around the world in 44 tourism slogans

  1. How funny – I felt kinda bad for ‘Impressive’! It smacks of bad translation somewhere along the way… Having been to the Keys, must say that ‘come as you are’ is spot on though.

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  3. Jersey – Live the Life!

  4. My favourite slogan was always, always ‘Canada: A world of possibilities’, which I think was operating in the late ’80s. It just seemed to have a certain mystique about it. I’m not sure that Canada had a certain mystique about it (or does to this day), but I’ve never been there, so I wouldn’t know.

  5. For Malaysia, it’s actually “Malaysia truly Asia”, 1Malaysia is not tourism slogan but it’s rather a politic slogan by the ruling party (government).

  6. Vietnam – the hidden charm. :)

  7. i really like the “I FEEL sLOVEnia”…. It really rocks :D

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  9. Really enjoyed this. Bless El Salvador for at least enlivening the lazy, lone word adjective with an optimistic !

    Hong Kong Best Place Best Taste just sounds like a mediocre takeaway. Visit Finland Breathe is just plain weird.

    I wonder if the branding agencies the tourist boards must pay tens of thousands to consider the amount of wordfun journos will have at their expense.

  10. Love this. Its a “Wish I’d thought of that” post.

    A few years ago I was on a press trip to Virginia and they gave me a bag with their slogan. It says “Easy to Love”. I get the strangest looks when I carry it through airports!

  11. Sri Lanka – Wonder of Asia ;)

  12. WOW(World Of Wonders) Philippines is no longer the tourism slogan…it’s now Pilipinas, Tara Na (Let’s Go!) but i believe they are changing it again. Because it does not have any appeal to foreigners.

  13. India – incredible india

  14. Naturally Nepal, once is not enough.

  15. I am typically to running a blog and i actually respect your content. The article has actually peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your site and hold checking for new information.

  16. I’m so glad to find your article here~ Thanks for your collection of all these slogans. I am a Chinese student who is writing a paper about Chinese-English translation of tourism slogans. This really helps a lot. And if you are pleased, would you like to send me more about tourism slogans? I’d be really appreciated! My e-mail address is again!

  17. Florida: Flori-DUH!

  18. for the Philippines, the new slogan is its more fun in the Pilippines

    the new slogan of our ccountry is Its more fun in the Philippines

  19. I think it’s better to be…LOVELY AND EXCITING…PHILIPPINES!!!

  20. Much better if it is, “Feel Philippines!” :)

  21. Philippines’ tourism slogan, besides being copycat from Switzerland is very assuming. Presumptuous. On the onset, due to safety, health and corruption, the Philippines is not competitive which the word MORE is supposed to indicate. However, the Philippines is not competitive! Truth hurts.

  22. @Roy Fabros yes you are definitely right truth hurts! the way you judge a tourism preparedness of a country shows nothing but your MERE IGNORANCE in the field of tourism,.,truth hurts indeed,.,.,i pity you!

  23. “Smile! you are in Spain” is this the latest slogan of Spain???

  24. I really enjoying reading your tale…and then I remember this is a true story…oh, dear! Looking forward to the next chapter, but at the same time, tensing up waiting for the next bomb shell.

  25. Thank you for your blog !!

  26. Incredible India! is one of the best tagline for a country which offers diversity in all respect…be it in culture ,people ,nature etc ….India is really Incredible!

  27. Another Indonesia’s taglines are:
    Indonesia. Ultimate in Diversity.
    My Indonesia – Just a Smile Away.
    Wonderful Indonesia (since 2011)

  28. kristine joy simpao

    Thanks for the info. It will be helpful in our lesson tourism planning and development.

  29. i really wonder why people judge one country in general without finding if its true. We, people judge on what we only heard from others!I think before we say something about one thing,place or person,see to it that you heard it right,seen it with your two eyes,or if posible with your five senses.

    Anyway,,thanks for your blog;)

    “it’s more fun in the Philippines”…

  30. Hi Fiona,

    Please change the Malaysia tourism slogan…it is ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’ not 1Malaysia….

    Thank you

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  32. Thank you for sharing such great suggestions.

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