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After the rain at Swallow Falls

Swallow Falls 3

In a country with as much rain as Wales – Snowdonia is the wettest area with average annual totals exceeding 3000 mm, according to the Met Office) – you may as well make the most of a downpour. On our rainy holiday there last week, we detoured down the Llanberis Pass to visit the abundant Swallow Falls, near Betws y Coed. It was in full eddying, thrumming, spraying glory following the rain, as you can see in the video below. Marvellous! Continue reading


Journey into the Cantal, Auvergne mountains

From Clermont-Ferrand to Murat takes about 90 minutes by train, and cost me £17 one way. Then it was a transfer by car to Bruno and Valerie’s Auberge d’Aijean, our inn for the night. Just past Murat, you can see the snowline appearing for the first time.

The winter here has been mild. It is still scenic in a wintry way but I can imagine how this notches up quite a few extra beauty points when covered in snow. Still, Valerie guided me on a nature hike this afternoon, which was pretty and helped me acclimatise from my sedentary job to actually walking. Tomorrow morning we get to snowshoe on the Puy Mary volcano peak.

So, the press trip is about to start – the two other journalists are arriving in half an hour and we will begin with a Nordic bath, which I believe is a a sort of alfresco hot tub, before chef Bruno’s dinner.

Apologies for awkward wordflows. I’ve been speaking in broken French for two days and my writing is stuck in transit.

Uzbek music video is no.1

I’ve only posted 20 or so videos to YouTube – anything from waves crashing on Brighton beach to a flock of birds flying over my house – but the surprise winner is this video of two Uzbek musicians. I took it in passing on a borrowed Flip pocket camera at the World Travel Market in 2009 and it is by far my most popular YouTube video – with more than 6,000 views.

And the moral of this story is: the best video camera is the one you have with you.

A tropical downpour in Grenada

Sitting in the courtyard of the Grenadian by rex at midnight, the rain began to pour. Our tour guide told us “It’s the weather for two nose and 20 toes…”

Turn the volume up for the full experience – and listen out for big sounds from tiny frogs at the end…

The most amazing video you will ever see about Birmingham

This appears to have gone out on Sky 3, I’m not sure when, but is Pure Fried Comedy Gold.

Someone in my Twitterstream pointed it out a while ago but their video link seems to have been removed, so catch this one while you still can – it’s the only one I could find.


It features an amazing but quite scary cast of regulars of The Sportsman pub in Brum as they expound on their favourite pub subjects of cider, eating rabbits and lightbulbs, and falling off a bridge onto a railway and into the path of TWO trains.

You’ll have to watch it to get the visual punchline to the story.

Tourism slogan: “Visit Brum – if you think you’re hard enough.”


The life of a surf photographer in 6 mins

A few days ago I was impressed by Joshy Washington’s list of favourite travel-related videos of 2010. But then I spotted this little beauty.

Astray Films’ short story about Mickey Smith, a surfer who photographs his world, is pretty awesome (in the genuine sense of the word) and is now kicking off my own list of videos to admire and be inspired by.

‘Dark Side of the Lens’ has a poetic narrative, amazing pictures and makes me want to do way something more interesting instead. I also like the way it is quite journalistic, thanks to Astray Films involvement, perhaps. It picks a single subject and explores it from many different angles in order to try to understand it – and I think it works really well here. Less is more. Perfect.

Or, as one comment says: ‘Fucking WOW!’

Go watch it.

Some ideas for travel videos

I’ve just been checking out a selection of best 2010 travel videos over on Matador – and it’s got my mouth watering for adventure and better video editing skills.

Check them out – there’s everything in there from tilt shift cities to adrenaline sports, lone backpacker reportage to breaking out of the rat race.

Here’s one of my favourites – a very well edited piece about street food.