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Around the Cantal in 10 dishes

‘In France the conversation always comes round to food’ – which is no surprise when the food is of such high quality and presentation as we saw this week.

The payback is that I found the red meatiness, full flavours and multiple courses too rich for my English constitution and, at night in my bed, I frequently couldn’t sleep for the long slow digestion process. Meanwhile the winding mountain roads twisted the knife of queaziness.

But there is no doubting that French food is a gourmet treat (at the time) and so I recorded some of the meals on our ‘Cantal in winter’ trip. Continue reading


Trip notes: Auberge d’Aijean, Cantal

Here is my room:

Auberge d'Aijean-1

And here is the view from my window, with the snowy Puy Mary peak far right:

Auberge d'Aijean-2

See that mountain opposite? I walked up along that, I did. Continue reading