About me

Fiona CullinanI’m a freelance blogger and journalist. I like to write. I like to travel. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to be paid to both write and travel.

Here is where I post my research, blog my trips and invite anyone to help guide this blog. Please take a look around. A few recommendations on where to start:

  • Travel writers / journalism students might enjoy some of the posts on Transparent research or Thinking.
  • PRs, tourist boards or tour operators – there’s a portfolio of posts filed under Press trips.
  • Travellers – browse anything under Journeys and Inspiration. 
  • Time travellers – I’ve started a blog series called 31 Destinations In Time, because it’s not just about the ‘where’ but the ‘when’.
  • Brummies – I seem to be gathering a fair few posts on Midlands Tourism.
  • Dear diary… is there because I have more than 50 journals gathering dust in a box and posting some entries here gives me a reason to dig them out and relive the good times. 😉

For further queries and contact details, try my main site at fionacullinan.com

Bon voyage!