BBQ duck in a hut

Grilled in a Finnish kota or wooden hut with a central barbecue. Filmed at Camping des Blats in Cantal, France (more on which below).

Lunch for seven comprised: three breasts of duck, cooked enough to slice and grilled on a barbecue in the middle of the circular hut with seats around the edge.

We watched it cook while sitting on reindeer skins and breathing in the pine wood aromas of the kota.

The duck was delicious and served with bread, dressed salad and ‘aligot’, which is, like truffade and tartiflette, cheese (tomme) with potatoes and cream but this time the potato is mashed. The result is tasty, gooey melange.

Cost: 20 euros – if you cook it yourself.

Trip notes:

• Camp site in St Jacques des Blats – run by Sébastian and Delphine Deroo.
• Chalets, hookups and Finnish style kotas or huts to stay in.
• Sauna hut and Grill hut (pictured below).


 Cantal various-13

 Cantal various-15

 Cantal various-16

 Cantal various-17

 Cantal various-18


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